Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon THE TOBY FUND OF WOLF CREEK OREGON, INC. mission is to create communities of compassion for animals in Southern Oregon rural communities. 


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Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
"Parvo" is a horrible disease that can be prevented with a simple vaccine. Honey found out how horrible Parvo is as her guardian, 13 yr old Maria cried uncontrollably over her tiny cold body which she brought down the mountain to a neighbor. The TOBY FUND had helped with vet bills for her sibling, a pup named ‘Zero’; but, tiny Honey struggled to live. If stricken animals survive, normally they are on IV fluids and treatments for days. Somehow, Honey cheated death. Maria then made sure that she had all three shots in the puppy series, and never let her touch the ground in strange areas for fear that Honey might again contract Parvo from another dog’s feces. Maria’s message
OXFORD"  His injuries were horrific, a crushed leg and jaw. Trauma. A suffering male cat, Oxford, had sustained a terrible injury but made it to his Sunny Valley home. Jennifer Peninger and her six children cared for Oxford, but he needed costly surgery to remove an eye and leg. Toby and a personal friend helped out; and, after consulting with veterinarians and animal welfare organizations, Pacific Veterinary Clinic did the surgery. Euthanasia had seemed to be the only option, the suffering was immense. Now, this three-legged, one-eyed (now neutered) cat will always live indoors. Persistence, a cat's will to live, the love of many humans'is a miraculous tale. He is just one of hundreds of animals we have treated/saved over the years.

OUR SPAY& NEUTER SERVICES are low or no cost. Close to 3,000 rural dogs and cats (and one bunny, Chester of Wolf Creek) have been altered with Toby help. Here, meet  Glendale dog, Oreo with his guardian, Dave.  Oreo was one of 1,043 dogs neutered with the help of grants from an anonymous foundation.  And, meet Chester the bunny, adopted and converted into an indoor bunny by a Wolf Creek family.  Poseidon, a Glendale cat, is one of 480 cats we have altered in this small mill town of about 800 people. Amazing!

Our UNCHAIN MY HEART PROJECT gets dogs off chains/out of tight confinement and into yards or large kennels. The Oregon Tethering Law forbids chaining a dog for more than 10 hours in a 24 hour period. Chained dogs tend to bark more, experience frustration and depression, and exhibit aggressive behavior. The physical and mental health of these dogs is adversely affected by chaining. Meet Brock, orange chow boy, chained 7 years since a puppy, to his house. We built this sweet, older dog a yard which he enjoys everyday.


We view our MEDICAL COHORT as a group of GUARDIAN ANGELS who heal and save lives. When an animal medical emergencies come our way, we reach out to this group with each story of suffering, pain and need.

Members respond to cases they wish to support with any pledge amount. PASS OR PLEDGE ON EACH CASE, WITH FUNDING DEDICATED TO THAT PARTICULAR ANIMAL, THAT PARTICULAR TREATMENT. Pledges are sent only when treatment is complete. The Toby Fund mainly helps companion animals, but is open to helping farm animals as well. Meet RED, sweet pit bull boy. His dad, Ken struggled to sustain himself and his animal companions. Without electricity or water, Ken wore an overcoat in winter even in the house; and, he kept his animals under blankets, fed with neighbor donations of pet food. Red, who always stuck around the house, strayed one day, returning with part of one paw missing. OUR COHORT SAVED RED'S LIFE, raising funds for a leg amputation, with an overflow that went for vaccines, flea control-and we paid to neuter Red.

Nowadays, RED RUNS ON THREE LEGS WITH A BIG DOGGIE SMILE, is able to jump into the back of an SUV, play with other dogs, and enjoy his life. CONTACT US TO JOIN OUR COHORT TO HELP ANIMALS LIKE RED WHO WOULD SUFFER OR DIE WITHOUT US.

Toby's Line 541-866-2527, e-mail



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Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon


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*LUCKY SEVEN PROGRAM ($7 off flea med., $7 off parvo shots)







 Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek OregonToby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon